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About Leah


Hi  friend! I’m Leah, the photographer behind Leah Nicole Photography. I  have Cajun roots, although I have lived all over the world: Northern  California, Southern California, Louisiana, Scotland, Indonesia,  Oklahoma and now Texas. I am a University of Oklahoma graduate (Boomer!)  in a love/hate relationship with college football. I have a sweet baby boy named Micah and incredibly supportive husband that encourages me to chase my dreams.  I am a  newlywed and as such, I understand both the importance and stress in  ensuring that your photographs truly reflect how special this day was to  you.  I am a dog mom to a ridiculously adorable Pomeranian, Link.   If  you have a Pomeranian, please send me pictures! (I might be obsessed  with them.) I am passionate about all things artistic. I love to cook,  re-decorate my house as often as my husband allows, create beautiful  floral arrangements and try to keep them alive (sorry plants), and of  course photography.


I’ve always said that photography found me. It all began when I was on the yearbook staff in high school, in charge of filling the pages with photos of students from all cliques, ages and sports. I discovered quickly that I preferred candid photos and thus began my journey of trying to capture genuine emotion through photography. As time went on, I received my Bachelor’s degree in kinesiology with plans to become a physical therapist. I couldn’t ignore my desire to learn more about photography however, so I reached out to a local photographer in Norman, OK to see if I could assist her on any of her shoots to learn more! She graciously took me under her wing and set the foundation for the photographer I would eventually become! After college, I graduated and used my degree for a five-year long career in corporate Health & Safety. I continued photography all along, but I couldn’t ignore God’s calling for me any longer as I am now a full-time wedding photographer!  

Don’t be shy, let’s get coffee! I’m always looking for an excuse to get a caramel macchiato.